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Our Mission


Know about Our Mission

Close To Home Kennels has a very simple two-fold mission - firstly, to be able to successfully house and maintain 200 stray dogs complete with fooding and medical care till their life span, and secondly to become synomymous to numero uno in the field of Dog Boarding and other pet services.

Nobody ever thinks of the stray dog's life. This breed gets a raw deal in life, with only the worst set aside for them. Having leftovers in the name of food, sewage or drainage water to quench thirst and abuses and stones for love. Why don't they get the same amount of love as their well-bred imported counterparts? It's a pity that they are not even acknowledged by their proper breed name "Indie" - usually called a Stray or at the max a Mutt. They are the Outcasts of their species. Our mission is to rescue these dogs from the roads, and give them a proper life for whatever life span they are left oevr with - with due medical care, good food, clean water, a shelter against the harsh sun or the merciless rains and lots of love - which each of them deserves.

Also is our mission to make CTHK the biggest name in the kenneling business. Unlike the other kennels, which are more breeders, CTHK will grow as the India's biggest and best when it come to other activities like Boarding, Training, Grooming, Walking, Medical Emergency Responder, Accessories and Food Items provider, Animal Ambulance Provider and a Cemetery house.

We, at CTHK, are passionate about dogs, and we don't demarcate between breeds. We dare to believe that one day, within our compound, we will create a space where the fancy breeds will co-exist peacefully with the Indies. Yes, that is what our mission looks like, and we are hell bent to achieve what we dream.