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Boarding Services

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Boarding Services


Our pricing model is designed by considering all the safety and quality standards
Rs. 500 Small
Rs. 700 Medium
Rs. 1200 Large
Rs. 1000 Puppy

Charge includes
● Feeding twice a day (3-4 Times for Puppy)
● Food (Curd rice or Egg rice or anything preferred by the pet owner)
● Walking twice a day
● WhatsApp Video on alternate days
● 24×7 veterinary doctor on call
○ Extra charge for any disease or allergies
○ No charges for any injuries taken at our boarding service

Above price models are different and negotiable for the pets who come for more than a week.

Our facilities can make your dog feel like it is on Vacation

● Ample amount of farming land to roam
● Natural walking area
● Good natural drinking water
● 24×7 exclusive care taker
● Doctor on call
● Special treats on weekends (Bones, Meat, Chewable etc.,)
● Off-leash playtime every day in Park at no additional cost
● Games for physical and mental stimulation
● Structured walking
● Socialising & Play groups with other furry friends of similar temperament & activity level
● Ample Rest & Healthy home cooked meals
● Personalised care to address separation anxiety & any health or behavioural needs
● Extremely well maintained Comfort rooms to fit your Dog size & Condition
● One Complementary grooming for stays 10 days or more
● Optional Pickup and drop service available
● On call Vet


Above models will increase if you want to pay more.

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